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1 Bu - Ali Sina

2 Professor of Arabic Language and Literature, Bu Ali Sina University, Hamadan, Iran

3 Bu - Ali


Attar Neyshaburi, the great poet and mystic of the sixth and seventh century AH, depicts the high mystical themes in the form of a symbol and code in his works. One of these works is the valuable poem of Mantiq al- Tayr which is deeply associated with religious and mystical symbols. Since Telmieh plays a prominent role in influencing mystical themes, Attar expresses these imbalances in the form of a symbol and symbol to sit in the listener's life and wisdom. This literary and mystical masterpiece has been translated into various languages, including Arabic. So far, three Arabic translations of this poem have been made by Ahmad Naji al -Qisi, Badie Mohammad Friday and Ali Abbas Zulikh, who have undoubtedly been one of the most important challenges facing translators. Lepi Halm introduces methods for translation and symbols that the present study has attempted to evaluate and evaluate the quality of symbolic transmission in the three above translations in a descriptive method. Due to the rational scope of its first 65 bits, "Talking to Chicken", it was selected as the research body due to the high frequency of symbolic implications. The result of the research showed that among the translators, only the savior of al -Qaisi has taken into account the meaning of symbolic implications and tried to choose a suitable equivalent


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