Document Type : Research Paper


1 assistant professor of ilam university

2 Alzahra university


Jean-René Ladmiral, in the field of translation theory with a destination-oriented approach, believes that limiting translation to simple encryption is incorrect and the translator should produce meaning or re-create it. This theoretician has provided solutions such as displacement, disambiguation, addition, etc. This essay presents examples of successful translations according to ladmiral's components and analyzes their success according to the components. Then he mentioned other examples that were not successful according to the components and also stated their lack of success. Finally, the reasons for the strength and weakness of Amiri's translation are shown based on Admiral's theory. The result of the research shows that the translator has fully complied with the components of Jean-René Ladmiral in terms of disambiguation and augmentation and has presented a readable and understandable text in the target culture. But in some cases, especially in the examples of displacement and deletion, the translator used the components of the Admiral's model inappropriately and caused damage to the story in the transfer of meaning and rhetoric.


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